Hello and welcome to my website. This site is specifically written for Christian musicians whose music does not necessarily fall under the heading of “contemporary Christian”. There are a LOT of websites for Christian singers and songwriters and members of praise and worship bands. There are very few websites, on the other hand, that communicate directly to the needs of Christian musicians who make their musical livings in the secular world. This website is primarily for them.

I am one such musician. My name is Eddie Lewis and I am a professional freelance trumpet player in the Houston area.  You can read more about me at my main website, http://www.eddielewis.com and you can also read about some of my experiences as a Christian on the Intro Page of this website.

That said, there is nothing stopping other people from reading my story. The more the merrier! Everyone is welcomed. The only reason I have singled out secular Christian musicians on this home page is to explain my writing style. Every piece of good writing must have an audience and the secular musicians are my audience. If you are not a secular musician, if you are not even a Christian, I welcome you anyway. Mi casa es su casa.

You can begin reading the story by clicking HERE or by clicking on the “Story Pages” link in the navigation bar at the top of every page.

Thank you and God bless you,

Eddie Lewis

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Dealing with performance anxiety as a Christian musician.