Sleep through the blackness
Let our Father watch over you
Sleep through the blackness
And prosper in all you do

Psalm 127:2 says that we are blessed as we sleep and First Thessalonians 5:4-8 says that we, as Christians, are “sons of light”.

One night, as I was preparing for bed, this “Sleep” poem popped into my head as a blend of these two verses. You see, I have been cutting back on the gigs I take, being more selective and turning down anything that will keep me out past a certain time. I also have stopped taking night club gigs – which is a long story in and of itself – mostly because I don’t want to be part of that “blackness” anymore. The past few years have brought with them a new desire to live in the light and be blessed as I sleep.

Let me tell you about the difference this change has made in my life. Read First Thessalonians 5:4-8 and imagine the life of a professional trumpet player. In going back to this verse to prepare for writing this post, I was struck by the cryptic nature of Paul’s writing. I mean, here I am sharing a poem about sleeping during the darkness but one of the verses which influenced the poem says, “those who sleep, sleep at night”. I know that what I’m saying is true and supported by this scripture, but how do I explain this quote?

While discussing it with my wife, Pearl, an image flashed in my head of what my life used to be like. I used to do most of my work at night, whether I had a gig or not. My “bed time” used to be 3 AM and I often stayed up later than that – especially on the weekends when I sometimes only arrived at home by 3 AM and was too wired to just go to sleep. This meant that I normally slept until mid day. I was rarely fully awake until mid afternoon. I lived in the dark most of my day, because while the day was young, I closed my eye to the “light” and lived in the darkness of sleep.

In contrast, my life today is full of daylight. Very few of my waking hours are in darkness and there is a sense of continual joy in my life that was not there when I lived what I used to call an “inverted life”.

When I first made the decision to turn down club gigs and after hours gigs, I was concerned about the income. And although the income is not NEARLY what it needs to be, YET, God has indeed blessed us as a result of these changes.

If you are a musician, please think about this. The ONLY valid reason for playing in night clubs or doing after hours gigs is if God tells you to do those things. I do believe that He wanted me on that “scene” when I was on it. I have no doubt of that – and I will have to share, some day, the story about why I think I am no longer called to play those gigs anymore. But that is a story for another day. The important thing is that I do believe some people are called to be a light in the darkness but it MUST be something that God tells you to do.

If you do not feel such a calling and you consider yourself a Christian, then you need to consider the two verses mentioned above.